Exploring Non-Profit Events in Tarrant County

As a member of the United States County Leaders committee of the United Way of Tarrant (UWTC), Amber and Jamie Adams are devoted to creating strong communities where everyone can thrive. The organization is the only nonprofit organization in Tarrant County that is actively involved in preventing child abuse through coordinated investigations and collaborations with local law enforcement agencies, Cook Children's Medical Center, JPS Health Network, the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney's Office, Tarrant County Juvenile Services, and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. The UWTC also organizes a variety of special events throughout the year to raise awareness of their mission and to raise funds for a better Tarrant County. One such event is the Senior Synergy Expo, a health and lifestyle event for people of the baby boomer generation, older people and caregivers.

Attendees can learn about the various services and opportunities available in Tarrant County to live healthy, safe and productive lives well into their golden age. The Summit features a variety of speakers, including panels on special topics, who discuss the future of transportation in Tarrant County, the state of Texas, and the United States in general. Dykes and Galloway, who openly support the mission of the UWTC, and other honored guests will also contribute to raising awareness of the programs carried out by the organization and of the need for long-term funding to expand support in the areas of community health, community response, financial empowerment, and education and learning. Making Connections resource fairs for people with disabilities are held every year at various locations in Tarrant County.

The dinner and program provide an exclusive preview of the upcoming college football season and help raise funds for a better Tarrant County. If you're looking for special events hosted by non-profit organizations in Tarrant County, then you should definitely check out what United Way of Tarrant County has to offer. From Senior Synergy Expos to Making Connections resource fairs, there are plenty of opportunities to learn about services available in your area while also supporting a great cause. Whether you're looking for ways to get involved or just want to learn more about what's happening in your community, UWTC has something for everyone.

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